Olive Downs Coking Coal Complex

Pembroke Resources is developing the Olive Downs Coking Coal Project into a world class independent and large-scale producer of steelmaking coal, delivering high quality coking coal and PCI products to key markets including Japan, South Korea and India.

843Mt Open Cut
JORC Resources

>2 Billion tonnes Underground Target

527Mt Open Cut
JORC Reserves

100% Interest
Held by Pembroke

Quality Product
Similar to well accepted
Bowen Basin brands

Open Cut Mine
Commencement of production in 2023
Develops to 15Mtpa with > 80 years mine life

~ 500 – 700
construction phase
> 1,000 at full production

Granted ML (stage-1) in September 2020.
Granted EA (2019) and EPBC (2020) consents that cover Life of Mine of >75 years


Based on Pembroke’s forecasts of coking coal price and production rates, over its up to 80 years mine life, the project has the potential to generate as much as A$10.2 billion in royalties for the Queensland Government

Steelmaking coal is an un-substitutable ingredient in the production of steel, an essential material that underpins almost every aspect of modern industry and society.
Located in the world’s best metallurgical coal basin, the Bowen Basin. The Bowen Basin is a mature mining region that is well supported by existing infrastructure and logistics.

It is estimated that 500-700 jobs will be created during construction of the site with a further 300-500 construction jobs around 2027. When the mine is operational 960 new jobs will be created increasing to 1,300 jobs in 2033, ongoing until around 2050.

It’s expected that throughout the duration of the mine’s life, it will create 1,401 jobs (Average FTE) throughout the state of Queensland.

Significant contribution to Queensland and the Issac Region through state royalties and increased economic activity
Funded through to production through committed financial backing

Pembroke Resources is a private Australian company established by a group of executives with significant experience in the development, expansion, operation and financial management of coal mines and mining companies both in Australia and internationally. Together, they have a combined experience of over 100years in the coal industry.

Large scale operation that is suited to the latest mining fleet and environmental management technology
More than 90% of the product from the mine will be metallurgical coal
ML granted to commence stage-1 construction and production


Located centrally in the world’s premier coking coal precint, the Bowen Basin of Queensland.

Co-ordinated Project

The Olive Downs Coking Coal Project is a Coordinated Project under the Queensland State Development Act.

Mining Lease Applications

Mine Leases (ML 700032, ML 700035, ML 700036) and Mine Lease Applications (ML 700033, ML 700034) covers the project mining areas, including rail and water corridors.


Pembroke holds ML 700032, 700035, 700036, MDL 3012, 3013, 3014, 3025, as well as a beneficial interest in parts of EPC 649, 721 and 850.


The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared under the Terms of Reference issued by the Coordinator General.

Benefits to Queensland and the Isaac Region

Pembroke has signed an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the Barada Barna Aboriginal Corporation, the traditional owners of the land on which the Olive Downs project will be developed. These agreements provide for a commercial benefits package for the entire life of the mine and include certain upfront and annual monetary payments into a trust for the Barada Barna native title holders as well as an employment program for members of the Barada Barna community at the mine.

Pembroke has also developed a cultural heritage management plan to manage impacts on aboriginal cultural heritage and to meet Pembroke’s duty of care obligations at the project site.

In-migration – Population growth and community vitality
Benefits for local and regional businesses

Pembroke will develop recruitment policies and processes for local employment, the attraction of ‘new local’ personnel, female and indigenous participation. All jobs will be advertised within the Isaac LGA and employment opportunities will be promoted widely. Applicants will be screened based on merit and fit with requirements.

Close proximity to existing infrastructure and world’s leading coking coal brands

The Project development neighbours established metallurgical coal producers that provide benchmark brands to the global seaborne markets in Asia and wider regions. The regional setting of the Project is well supported by all development infrastructure requirements and resourcing required for the life of the project.

High-quality Steelmaking Coals

The Project contains coal resources within the Rangal Coal Measures, which together with the Moranbah Coal Measures are the dominant source of metallurgical coal exported from Australia. The Leichhardt and Vermont Seams of the Rangal Coal Measures form the principal economic open cut coal reserves in the Olive Downs Project and the Moranbah Coal Measures host the underground exploration target.

Balanced Approach to Land Management

Pembroke owns the Iffley, Deverill and Twenty Mile properties covering over 41,000ha which will provide for joint development of mining and agricultural endeavours and land for environmental offset.

Project Infrastructure

The Project includes a central coal handling and processing plant (CHPP) with expansion phases aligned to mine development. An automated train loading facility will be constructed with ability to load 10,000 t trains. A new rail spur will provide connection to the existing Norwich Park Branch Railway system for transport of product coal to the port facilities. Product coal will be transported to the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal for which capacity is secured for stage one of the project. Linear infrastructure corridors will provide for power, road, water and rail services to the project site.


Ownership Interest

100% owned by Pembroke Resources


Olive Downs South and Willunga and associated linear infrastructure corridors


843.3Mt JORC


514Mt JORC

Product profile

90% metallurgical coal


Expanding to 15Mtpa product coal


Construction workforce: 500
Operational (fully developed): 1,000+

Stage of Development

CG considering final EIS

Construction Commences


Regulatory Information

EA Application and Supporting Information
EIS Documents
Mining Lease Notices

Olive Downs Coking Coal Project Enquiries

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E: [email protected]